Friends + Fun + Casts

Friends + Fun + Casts
Party in boot brace

Fiberglass cast

Fiberglass cast
broken leg cast

Bazilian Live real long arm cast

Blonde in pretty medical plaster

Hi all, pics like this could be found on CyberCast on Facebook

Hot italian full arm cast

Hi guys, just a reminder!  Hurry up, the poll to identify an ideal title for a casters e-book for recreational orthopedic is opened, so let's review the options! By now enjoy this precious pics from T&T an italian casters couple! 

TV advertising, long arm cast What a way to advertise candies  ;)

Top Fiberglass Long arm cast

Hi everyone, I am sharing some nice pics from the group on Facebook. Hope you like it!

Fiber Cast Is Removed

See the Carol's video...
My wrist was fractured while making a video in the state Capitol building - see my actual fall video "My Political Downfall - How to Fatally Smash a Canon A1100SX Camera". I stepped out into thin air on the State Supreme Court's beautiful marble landing, fracturing my arm and spraining an ankle. So now, how appropriate to video the actual cast removal today...and with a brand new Canon SX210IS camera? After 6 weeks of a cast disability, I am very, very happy to have the cast off!!!!!!

Poll for casters fashionistas

In the past few months I have had some emails asking me to develop a E-book or E-casting book to explaining the main thinks concerned to our community. As normal people with lifes, pets, jobs, maybe children and a tremendous sensibility to see or wear an a real plaster cast, many of us just want to have in our power of a manual, a "logbook", something that identifies us, that we could keep as private as we want to.

Some of the topics could be: -How to confess to your couple that you love cast, -Ideal places for casting scapades, -How to get real medical covery for your LLC and crutches with non real limbs injuries and a lot more.

I am so excited because because to write this e-book has been arousing me and I have been dreaming in my life that some experienced lover on LATS and LLC should tell me the secrets, the A,B,C of this passion and how to mold a perfect spica cast, for example. Whenever I'm presented with the opportunity to publish all of this material and I encourage you all to shoot me with your ideas.. So, The poll to identify an ideal title is opened from today, so let's review the options!
  • The white e-book of cast fashionistas
  • The white e-book for recreational casting and foot enthusiast
  • The casters e-book for recreational orthopedic
  • The cybercast white e-book
Email me and let me know what you like and what you don't like at
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Lucky Break!

Short Arm Cast Application Technique by 3M

Application technique for short arm cast using synthetic casting materials. For more information visit:  For recreational orthopedic topics go to
I hope you liked the visit here on Cybercast Blogs...

Application of Fiberglass Long arm cast

This video shows how to apply a long arm cast.  A person said in the comments "i would love to model for one of these videos, how do i get into that lmao"... jejeje Nice video on Youtube for recreational orthopedics.

In Treatment: Two long arm cast

The video is trying to demostrate an physicological problem, but the casts looks nice.  One LAC, one SAC and a neckbrace.  This installment contains an introduction to pathogenic beliefs.

Broken Arm - Kick starter Pitch Video

"Broken Leg is our first feature film and we can't make it without your help!
Karla needs a student loan. If she babysits her brother-in-law who has a broken leg and overcomes his hijinks, endless college is hers.

Plaster Cast Removal

After breaking her left Radius and Ulna the end of May, Farrah gets her cast off on...
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